Membership Info

Please see the Contact page for information about how to join our Google Group.

To participate in any Alberta Randonneurs event in 2017, you will need to:

  1. Complete the Alberta Randonneurs Membership Form;
  2. Sign the ABA Waiver form;
  3. Pay the annual registration fees:
    • $35 for AB Randonneurs Membership
    • $40 for ABA Membership (the fee covers insurance)

Completing the above forms and paying the registration fee will enable you to join the Alberta Randonneurs for 2017 AND to participate in any Alberta Randonneurs event.

After completing your forms, scan and email them to Make your payment using your online banking to do an Interac email transfer to

Make sure your forms and payment have been submitted before your first ride of the season.


  • There is no more “affiliate” fee. All members pay the AB Randonneurs membership fee. The ABA fee will be waived if proof of membership in another cycling club that provides insurance for Alberta cycling events is provided.
  • Cyclists with membership in another club can pay a $10 event fee to ride in a single AB Randonneurs event. Proof of insurance must still be provided. After three single events, a cyclist can become a full AB Randonneurs member.

Member List 2017

Chester Fleck
Cosmin Tansanu
Dan Paarsmarkt
Jacques Bilinski
Jeff Shmoorkoff
Joel Paschke
Matt Dawe
Maurice Smith
Peter Farran
Stephen Kenny
Steve Waters
Wim Kok