2018 Clothing orders

2018 clothing proofs are now all up and orders are open. Get your orders to Steve Waters by March 23 to get your kit by late April.

Warburg, Strathmore 200’s

The first 200’s of the season are coming up this weekend. I know of at least 4 riders in Edmonton planning to do the revised Warburg route.

If anyone is planning to ride this weekend, please respond to this email and/or send an email to the ride coordinator (Chester in Calgary, Jeff in Edmonton, see the website) to let everyone know you’ll be there and make sure you’re included in any pre-ride communications.

Also, a reminder that your membership forms should be scanned and emailed to Peter H, and your payment emailed to him as well. Peter sent an email with more details a couple weeks ago.

2016 season start

The first rides are coming up soon, hope you’re getting some training in.

A few more rides now have maps done in Ride With GPS, thanks to Tom in Edmonton and Chester in Calgary.

A note for Edmonton riders: the Warburg route has been changed a bit to avoid the busy roads in West Edmonton and Leduc. The start and finish is now at Winterburn School on 215 St and 98 Ave.

2015 Clothing Orders

Please get your clothing orders to Stephen Kenny by Dec 6 (this Saturday). Order form and more details here.

PBP Update

We received this note from PBP officials regarding the start date of PBP 2015 which may affect your scheduling. We will post further communications as they come.


We received today bad news from the french administration. We will have an unfavorable opinion for a departure on Sunday. We could have to postpone all the organization by one day and so the bike’s check could be held on Sunday 16th and the first departures on Monday 17th.
The final decision will be received within 10 days.

Best regards,

Jean-Gualbert FABUREL

2015 Clothing orders

Check out the 2015 Alberta Randonneurs clothing (bibs, shorts, jerseys) here.


Now that results are coming in and rides are homologated, it’s a good time to remind members that medals are available for purchase. Medals are $10 each and can be purchased for any homologated ride completed in 2014. Contact your region’s ride coordinator who will arrange payment and delivery.


2014 Results

The first batch of 2014 results have been posted. Check ’em out!

VanIsle 1200

Passing on an email from BC Randonneurs:

The BC Randonneurs are running the 2014 VanIsle 1200 Ultra July 13 to 18. Event registration and Bike Check is on the 13th. The ride starts early on the 14th, finishing in the evening of the 17th. There will be a wrap up brunch the morning of the 18th.

We have 8 spots left on the ride.

Steve Mahovlic
Organiser VanIsle 1200
BC Randonneurs

MEC Calgary Rider Expo

MEC Calgary has invited us to attend a Rider Expo featuring Alex Stieda. The event is on Saturday, April 26 at 6:30 pm, and requires registration to attend. Check this link for more details.