Message from the President, March 2020

To be socially responsible, the Alberta Randonneurs are cancelling scheduled club rides and permanents for the month of April. The club will reassess this decision in late April and on a month by month basis for the remainder of the season. Alberta Randonneurs will take our queues from Alberta Health Services assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Alberta Randonneurs don’t want anyone from the club getting or passing on the virus to other riders or people at stops along their rides associated with established brevet controls.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may cause to riders who are hoping to get rides in this season. I feel it’s only a couple of rides in the month of April and there are many other rides on the schedule later on in the season that riders can ride.

Thank you for your understanding in these difficult times.

Chester Fleck
President Alberta Randonneurs