Ride Report – London-Edinburgh-London 2009

by Peter Hoeltzenbein

I have completed the LEL in 108 h. It was very eventful, the weather was very tough at times and worse, I had an accident on the way North at about km 600 just before arriving at the Eskdalemuir control. I was too fast and recognized too late that the street was a bit too wet and the curve a bit too close. I could reduce the speed to about 35 km/h, came off the street and flew with my head first into a fence. The post broke, my helmet as well but I did not get a head injury. After a little while in the ditch I found I could move parts of my body, pick my bike up that was 15 m further down and made it back to the road and to the control point.

In general I could continue the ride, sometimes very sore in the lower back and neck. Both had suffered from the impact. Legs and the typical sore spots from long distance cycling were all fine.

The incident happened Monday morning, a week later I went to a hospital in Germany. They confirmed that no organ was injured but found a broken rib. This is why I hurt when I sleep. Good news, it is getting better.

Tomorrow I drive down to Bavaria and on Monday start the 1200 km Bayern Rundfahrt.